Naga bodies continue to oppose districthood to Sadar hills


IMPHAL, August 11: “The ongoing general strike of the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee towards the creation of a full fledged Sadar hills district could mean the creation of “War and Problem” to the native villages of various tribes mainly the Liangmai community”, said the Liangmai Naga Council, Manipur.

The LNC in a statement said that about 15 to 20 villages of the Liangmai community presently falls under the so-called Sadar Hills area which have been recorded since the British Rule and in the records of Manipur Maharaja. However, after Independence of India, the lands have been occupied by other communities as villages sprang up with fake registration in the office of the Government of Manipur, it stated.

It claimed that the present map for creation of Sadar hills district have been drawn with more than half of Liangmai Land even touching Liangmai head quarter, Tamei, in Tamenglong district.

It further maintained that in legendary tales and history of Manipur, there are no other communities except the Liangmai in the western parts of SHDDC’s Map of Sadar Hills. It asserted that the best example in the history is the present name of Koubru Range, the word Koubru is derived from the name Koubou, the name of Liangmai forefather, it said.

Moreover it stated that the range is in the heart of the present SHDDC map and further added that, the names of hills and rivers are named in Liangmai dialect.

It further warned the government of Manipur against any hasty decision without the consent of the Liangmai community failing which the torn Laingmai comunity should create a district for Liangmai.

On the other hand, the Naga Students’ Union Chandel (NSUC), in a statement has cautioned the present state government to take its steps with utmost care as the Sadar hills issue concerns multi-communities living together in the beautiful state of Manipur and especially since, the Nagas have been resisting arbitrary encroachment and creation of artificial boundary of their land since colonial period.

It urged the government to be wise enough to curve and conduct a proper consultation with the Nagas and its sentiments in connection with the matter.

It also stated that the NSUC, stand firm in supporting to the decisions and wills of ANSAM and UNC.

It has further warned that it will not remain a silent spectator to the issue of Sadar hills and further informed government to consult the Nagas pre hand.


  1. I, an American who knows Kukis in both Manipur and Myanmar, favor the long-put off sentiments of the Kuki people, who have been very long suffering. 


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