Naga bodies shows opposition to demand for seperate Sadar Hills district


IMPHAL, Aug 5: The All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM) has expressed its strong opposition to the formation of the Sadar Hill district amidst the crucial stage of the state government considering to meet the demands of the Sadar Hills districthood demand committee who have already entered into agitations to get their demands from the state government.

A statement issued by Seth Shatsang, general secretary, ANSAM mentioned that the association would like to advise the government of Manipur to recollect and refer to the MoU signed between the Nagas in Manipur and the government of Manipur and the Naga Students’ Federation, NSF and the government of Manipur during the then Chief Ministership of Rishang Keishing and W.Nipamacha Singh respectively on the proposed creation of Sadar Hills district in the State.

The statement further mentioned that, the ANSAM in particular and the Nagas in general would like to reiterate the government of Manipur that Sadar Hills district will not be allowed to be formed/created by means of carving out/cutting away from parts of the Naga areas in Manipur.

It has also mentioned that, it will be worth mentioning that the government of Manipur may not make policies and plans to bring differences and unnecessary confrontation among the tribals in Manipur.

The tribals in Manipur have regretted the past and may not repeat the past at the evil behest of the state government, it added. The formation/creation of the proposed district should be consensus and should be with the consent of the Nagas. failing which the Government of Manipur may invite unwanted consequences, it added.

The statement also recalled that, while respecting the sentiments of the Kukis in Sadar Hills, the All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM) would also like to appeal the Kukis in Sadar Hills not to seek or force any financial contribution and physical involvement from the Nagas in Sadar Hills in the demand for creation of Sadar Hills District issue. If such acts may occur the Nagas will fail to appreciate and respect one’s sentiment

The Association would like to appeal and advise the tribals in Manipur to be guarded with the divisive policy of the state government and stay united as tribals it added

Meanwhile various other Naga bodies including Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong have also expressed strong opposition to the demands for a separate Sadar Hills district.


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