Paresh Barau faction endorses Anna`s campaign


GUWAHATI, Aug 26 (NNN): In an unexpected development, the Paresh Barua faction of ULFA said it will fully endorse the anti-corruption movement launched by Anna Hazare.

The anti-talks faction of ULFA however said the outfit it wants Anna Hazare and his team to reciprocate for its objective – sovereignty of Assam.

Paresh Barua is still at large and opposed to the peace process unless ‘colonial India’ discusses the issue of sovereignty.

In an emailed statement issued by Ulfa publicity director Arunodoy Dahotia on Friday, the outfit patted Team Anna for its “remarkable fight against corruption” while being critical of “hangers-on” in Assam who have “made it a fashion” to take out anti-graft rallies “in vehicles their parents purchased with ill-gotten wealth”.

ULFA said, “We appeal to Team Anna to also fight against the illegal occupation of Assam by the Indian government. If they are true Gandhians, they will empathize with the sufferings of the indigenous Assamese people under Indian occupation”.

Reacting to the anti-talk faction of ULFA `s decision of supporting Anna Hazare, a police officer in Assam said, “An outfit that has relied on bloodshed is now talking non-violence.”


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