Proposed Chakpi River dam faces stern opposition from villagers


IMPHAL, Aug 11: The public of Chakpikarong sub-division, Chandel district are all set to launch agitations in case the government fail to defer the proposal of constructing a multi-purpose high dam on the Chakpi River.

Stating this, chairman of the Chakpikarong sub-division Anal Naga Chief Association HL Thungam added that the entire population of the sub-division are apprehensive of the possible displacement which will be caused by the construction of the proposed dam across the Chakpi River near the Chakpikarong sub-divisional headquarter.

Briefing media persons, during a press conference held today at Chakpikarong, he maintained that it is very unfortunate on the part of the state government for failing to take prior consent of the general public of the area before taking the decision on such a mega project which will in all likelihood affect the area.

He also mentioned that, during a recent meeting of the villagers, various social organizations including women bodies, village chiefs and the villagers had decided to oppose any steps of the government to construct the dam as the public of the sub-division have already speculated that the proposed dam will surely affect most of the villages in a negative way and that villagers could even be displaced from their native villages

In the meantime, social worker and former president Anal Naga Tangpi, Ts Warngam during the press conference further mentioned that, the people of the Chakpikarong can never allow construction of the multipurpose dam in Chakpikarong sub-division.

He further stated that the existing flood problems in the valley areas of the state is due to the various barrages and dams built across the main rivers of the state.

While calling it as an unwise decision of the government, he has further rued the decision of the state government to go ahead with the project without considering the geographical phenomenon of the region.

He further added that the state government should consider the matter technically as well as physically before taking any decision.

Meanwhile, in opposition of the proposed construction of the dam, the villagers of Chakpikarong had prevented official representatives of the IFCD and Geological Survey of India to conduct the survey of the site for the proposed project on August 8.


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