Protest rally against Sadar Hills and Jiribam held

Students of Tamenglong district protesting against creation of Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts on Saturday.
Students of Tamenglong district protesting against creation of Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts on Saturday.

IMPHAL, Aug 26: In continuation of the series of protest held against the creation of Sadar hills and Jiribam districts bifurcating Nagas land, under the aegis of the United Naga Council (UNC), thousands of Nagas community residing in and around Longmai area today staged a peace rally cum public meeting at Noney bazaar, in Tamenglong district.

The rally was organized by the Joint Action Committee against creation of Sadar hills and Jiribam district (JACACJD) comprising of school students, tribe leaders, civil bodies etc begin from Noney bazaar from 9 am in the morning and proceeded till 10 Assam Rifles checkpost and concluded at Noney bazaar, where a public meeting was held.

The meet adopted a declaration after discussing the issue of the creation of Sadar hills and Jiribam districts deliberately.

According to the declaration which was conveyed during the meet strongly echoed opposition any attempt to bifurcate Nagas land through creation of Sadar hills and Jiribam districts.

It also condemned the government of Manipur for allegedly playing the divide and rule policy which has always played the communal card and thrown the bone of the contention between the tribals of the state.

It further reiterated that inspite of four MoU’s signed between Nagas and the state government in 1981, 1992, 1996 and 1998 which underline the spirit that the “resolution to the conflict on the issue of Sadar hills will be brought about through a consensus of the peoples concerned in the interest of brining about lasting peace and harmony between the Nagas and Kukis”.

The declaration further alleged the state government asserting that it has yet with duplicity engineered the space for carving out from the land of the Nagas without without the knowledge and consent of the Nagas, pitching the tribals against each other.

Further during the meet, the gathering also chanted slogan “No consensus no Sadar hills”.

The rallyist during the rally also hold banners which reads “not an inch of Naga territory for creation Sadar hills and Jiribam district”, “No consensus no Sadar hills” and “honor MoU’s signed with the Nagas”.

A press meet was also held in this connection today at the office of the Noney bazaar board office. Speaking to media persons Chamrei Kamei convener of the JAC said the Nagas are not against the creation of Sadar or Jiribam district however it strongly opposed bifurcation of their lands, he said.

He further asserted that the JAC have learned the constitution of re-organizing committee adding it warned the government not an inch of Nagas land should be touched in creation of the two districts.

Th. Pamei, president of Naga Council Manipur, claimed that more than 40 Naga villages falls in the map of the Sadar hills districts. These villages have been deprived of freely exercising their voting franchise by the majority community in the Sadar hills. The idea of Sadar hills purely reflects the intention of froming a ‘Kuki district’ he alleged.

While referring to creation of Jiribam district, Pamei stated that the so called ‘administrative convenience’ Jiribam is more convenient if its falls under the Tamenglong district instead of Imphal East.

He further mentioned that the Nagas will automatically relax their highway blockade agitation if the agitation demanding Sadar hills is relaxed.

The Joint secretary Bazaar board, questioned the motive of the imposition of prohibitory order under section Cr.P.C 144 at Longmai area. He asserted that people in the area despite of the bandh imposed by the UNC in Naga inhabited area, has been maintaining a peaceful atmosphere and the peace rally today is the glaring example, he adds.

He urged the government to immediately revoke the prohibitory act within 24 hour failing which it warned to intensify its agitation.


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