Public rally against separate Sadar Hills district to be staged in Ukhrul


By John Kaping
UKHRUL Aug 18: A mammoth public rally is all set to stage in Ukhrul town Headquarter tomorrow to counter the demand of a separate Sadar Hills district in the ancestral Naga`s lands. The collective decision to oppose at any cost arrived in an uni-vocal decision made jointly by Tangkhul Naga Frontal Organizations spearheaded by the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong(TKS), the Tangkhul Students` Union, Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL), Tangkhul Women`s League, Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long(TMNL), the Tangkhul Youth Council the four Umbrella bodies of the Community, the source from TNL informed.

The source further said that the massive rally would mark the stiff opposition in digging away any portion of the Nagas` ancestral land which is a birth right for the Nagas` to own the lands and not for anyone and thus it is a justifiable right to protect and safeguard “every inch” from the aggressors or trespassers as the great Naga leaders have been protecting the rights of the owners of land since long.

The recent Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) signed between the Naga Students` Federation (NSF), United Naga Council(UNC) and All Naga Students` Association Manipur (ANSAM) pointing the key deed on ownership of land has stood in clear “blue sky” and any mechanisms or elements twisting of the land patta can never be compromise by the Nagas till end.

It is also reported that he TNL had a deep exclusive indoor discussion with the representatives of all the Ukhrul District Village Chiefs` Association for a “united voice” in the stand. The TNL further had a strategic mode of structure of the “Counter-Protest” rally to be staged tomorrow at 11:00 am for a successful peoples` movement in protecting the rights of the owner. All shops or business establishments in Ukhrul town would remain shutters down, peoples and vehicular movements, offices and institutions are directed to refrain from opening during the counter-protest rally till a public meeting at TNL ground wherein the social public leaders, intellectuals and elders will addressed the gathering, the source added.


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