Rape victim seeks justice


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IMPHAL, Aug 16: After over a month of exacting quest for justice, a rape victim has charged the local police with underhandedly protecting the accused without regard to rule of law.

Speaking at a press conference at Manipur Press Club here today, a 14-year old Sakina aka Mami of Keirao Makting Awang Leikai said that the persons who ravaged her modesty and raped her inhumanely continued to receive police protection despite the fact that she has doubtlessly identified the five accused several times before the police.

Significantly, Sakina was reportedly abducted by five persons, including Md Mujibur Rahman aka Ebungo (25), MV Jalandin and Md Amir, on July 15 just before midnight and allegedly gang raped.

“I m obliged to come out and seek justice so that no woman would have to go through similar fate as I have,” she said, and added, “I demand punitive justice and a befitting punishment against the persons who raped me.” 

Convener of Joint Action Committee (JAC) against the kidnapping of Sakina, MV Abdul Halim “condemned” the OC and Asst. IO of Irilbung police station for continuing to shield the five accused despite unmistakably identifying him to be Sakina’s abductor and in spite of several memoranda and statements submitted to the police department.

The JAC said that the five accused have been roaming free without any action being initiated by the police department despite medical report inimitable implicating him of committing the crime.

Even after a month, the case has been dragging on without any sight of ending, the convener said and asked for justice to be delivered in favor of the aggrieved Sakina.


  1. In a very understanding society having equal stutus for every one in everyones eyes (unlike other central india societies) such an incident is very unfortunate. And in such a society waiting for Police action is another unfortunate thing where Police has no power and where it is considered to be junk department. I thought of having solved the problem within the community itself before reaching the police which would be called a more understanding society. Its questionable that how far the society has urbanised that one do not understand of what happening in his neighbour. Its the weakness and the unitylessness of the society that connot solve the problem of only 6 persons.


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