Rationing of fuel to begin Friday


IMPHAL, August 17: Judicial proceedings of the Gauhati High Court, Imphal Bench remained severely affected today as members and non members of the High Court Bar Association failed to appear in court.

A resolution passed by the lawyers body had notified yesterday that due to unavailability of fuel, the members of the association would be unable to attend to their duties.

Meanwhile, commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, H Imocha Singh notified that during the 20 days ongoing economic blockade, there has been no replenishment of petroleum products in the IOC depot, Chingmeirong. The request of the High Court Bar Association made to the department yesterday for allocation of 5000 litres of petrol is appreciable, the release states.

It further said that the department is not in a situation to allocate such a huge quantity of petrol to the Bar members at the present juncture, as the state is suffering from blockade along both National Highways.

However, the public is notified that petrol and diesel will be sold on Thursday through select retail outlets.

Sources said that rationing of fuel will begin from tomorrow and 2 wheelers will be allocated Rs 300 worth of petrol and Rs 800 worth to 4 wheelers.

70 loaded petrol trucks are also scheduled to arrive through the NH 53 in a few days.

Meanwhile mile long queues can again be seen in Imphal area near the fuel outlets.


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