`Revive ILP abolished in 1950`


    IMPHAL, Aug 30: The Federation of Regional Indigenous Societies (FREINDS) has stated that the only way to quickly implement the Inner Line Permit in the state is to revive the system that was abolished long back in 1950.

    A release of FREINDS stated that Manipur was one of the independent Southeast Asian countries which have unique culture and tradition. However, continuous influx of foreigners and non-local migrants to the state has seriously affected the demography of the state. The population of non-local migrants has exceeded one-third of the total population of the state, it noted.

    FREINDS also pressed the state government to form a cabinet committee along with a technical committee to look into the implementation of ILP in the state. The authorities concerned should try to revive the ILP that was abolished by the then Commissioner of Manipur Himat Singh in 1950.


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