SDSA reminds all concerns of MoUs signed with previous state govts on Sadar Hills


IMPHAL August 13: The Senapati District Students Association has while decrying the state government on the Sadar Hills issue, has also criticized the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee for imposing the severe blockade along the national highways passing through the state.

The Senapati District Student Associations today sharply decried the government over the issue and signaled a strong sense of communal unrest if the government failed to comply to the Memorandum of Understandings that were mutually signed upon between the previous governments of the state and various Naga civil organizations on many previous occasions.

According to the president of the association Pfokrehrii Khrasii, in 1981, 1992, 1996 and 1998 the government and several Naga civil organizations had signed Memorandum of Understandings regarding to matters related to bifurcation of land in Senapati.

“Previous governments have signed MoUs with ANSAM, NSF, NPO, SDSA, UNC, and other Naga frontal organizations under the mutual agreement that without the collective consensus of Naga civil organizations, no party of Senapati district could be reshaped or divided”.

The present development was divulged today by the SDSA in a special meeting held at Senapati this afternoon with some media persons.

Pfokrehrii Khrasii, while citing the pending demand of the Sadar Hill district as genuine said that any unfortunate eventualities resulting from the formation of the district should be held wholly responsible by the government.

He further elaborated that without the collective consensus of Naga civil organizations, the demand of SHDDC is rather dim and hence the government should restrained from any biasness in solving the long pending demand of the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee.

He further added that as various communities reside together in the state, the government should guard from acting on the behest of a single community in solving a dispute that involves other communities also.

The association also lashes out at the SHDDC for imposing severe economic blockade along the national highways wherein even medical emergency and other inevitable necessities have not been spared.

Later during the conference, citing the deplorable condition of the Mao-Maram stretch of the highway, the association has also accused the state PWD of not being able to meet the people’s expectations, though various civil societies of Senapati district had submitted numerous repeated memorandums and several plights to the department.

The association while demanding immediate actions regarding the maintenance of the NH, has also warned of stern actions if the government failed to act accordingly.

The conference was also attended by other members of the student association including L. Calep, finance secretary, R.K. Rism, deputy speaker and R.L. John, general secretary.


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