Seipu offers to convince committee if CM gives written assurance


IMPHAL, August 12: The chairman of the Sadar hills Autonomous District Council, Kangpokpi, S.H Seipu has announced that he is ready to take the responsibility to negotiate and convince the present agitators demanding a separate Sadar Hills district, to call off the ongoing economic blockade on the National Highways, if the Chief Minister of Manipur can give written commitment to grant the demand of a full fledged Sadar Hills district at the earliest.

The chairman disclosed this to media persons at Classic hotel after a meeting of the members of district councils, Sadar hills ADC which was reported held at an undisclosed location in Imphal.

He further stated that the demand of the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC) is genuine and added that it would further help in the development of the Saitu, Saikul and Kangpokpi blocks and the different communities residing in these blocks.

He also urged any individual or organizations not to particularize the issue to a certain community and further appealed to all sections of the society to extend their co-operation in the process of earning districthood to Sadar hills.

Further briefing the media persons, he stated that after the meeting of the ADC members, where the feasibilities of the ADC members supporting the demand of the SHDDC was deliberately discussed upon, the members met the Governor and submitted a memorandum drawing his intervention in the demand for a full fledged Sadar Hills district.

Seipu further informed that the Governor has given his assurance to the ADC members that the Chief Minister of Manipur would be advised within two or three days on the issue.

Meanwhile, he further asserted that the entire 26 elected ADC members along with the three MLAs from Sadar Hills will be going to the National Capital where they will apprise the Prime Minister of India and the union home minister on the issue.

At the same time, the ADC chairman disclosed that the ADC members have re-affirmed its earlier decision to tender mass resignation, if the government fails to declare Sadar hills as full fledged district by August 15.


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