This is Manipur – Set One


This is Manipur , a collection of pictures depicting the life and beautiful landscape of Manipur.

Photo By: Niran Thongbam


  1. the nature looks so beautifull in manipur i can’t imagine it i wil try my best to visit manipur and its ofcourse neighbour to us since we are from north-east.

  2. Very good pictures and portrail of Manipur.

    Please tell me which place it is and how far it is from Imphal.

    I also capture photos as a hobby & I’ll be visiting the Imphal very soon, your advice can be good for me in order to capture good photographs.

    Hoping a quick response.Thanks !!


  3. Natural beauty is here, natural atmosphere is here
    This what the future needs, I’m proud to be a Manipuri..
    Thanks for your precious Shots……….its beautiful


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