TSL condemns police brutality against woman


IMPHAL Aug 29:The Tangkhul Shanao Long strongly condemned the torture, arbitrary arrest and detention meted out to one Leishiwon, a nursing women at present.

A press release by the organization stated that on August 19, Leishiwon, 36, Surrender Hungyo ,45 ,and one Chihansing Chithung ,22, were arbitrarily arrested by police commandoes while they were collecting animal feed near Khuman Lampak and Telipati area. They were blindfolded and taken to Manipur police Commando Complex at Ragailong and later taken to the Imphal west police station around 11pm.

On reaching the station, Leishiwon was beaten up by three policewomen while asking whether NSCN-IM had planted bombs.

She was also kicked and beaten with rods all over her body even by male police commandoes, it alleged. They were tortured to confess that they were trying to plant bombs.

Because of the inflicted torture, Leishiwon suffers from serious multiple injuries, swellings, and is unable to open her right eye. She continues to be bedridden and in incapable to nurse her 5 month old child. Arrested persons Chihansing and Surrender were also tortured, the release alleged.

Further, it states that the detention of the three individuals constitute a serious case of human right violations, arbitrating all norms against protection of right to life, right against torture, right against violence to women. They were all arrested without an arrest memo and detained without any clarity of intention and reason, thereby violating the fundamental rights of a citizen regarding protection against arrest and detention as they were taken out before the magistrate only after three days of detention.

The Tangkhul Shanao Long urges the government to institute an impartial inquiry to investigate the case of arbitrary arrest, detention and torture of Leishiwon and her two companions and to stop all forms of torture and cruel inhumane treatment meted out to people, including women and to book those found guilty.


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