Ukhrul district remains in darkness for more than 10 days


From John K Kaping
UKHRUL, August 22: Ukhrul district has witnessed 10 days without power playing havoc with normal life here. Electricity has remained unavailable since August 14 and till the filing of this report. The public of the district have voiced to this correspondent that the district has been completely ignored by the state government.

In fact, general life of the people in the district is completely cut-off from the rest of the world. The complaints of the failure of electricity power in Ukhrul for the last 10 days pour on and every single minute. People of all ages irrespective of individuals in Government Offices, schools, shops, homes, hotels, homes or even the farmers complaint for the misery of life like “living in hell”.

The worst effected are reportedly nearly 25,000 School students and the poor families in particula . Kh. Thotreising of Class IV, VS.Yuithing of the same class and Ningnganung class V from Ukhrul Kendriya Vidyalaya School while

Interacted to this Ukhrul Correspondent today said thet they are unable to study as there is no light in their homes, and other means of sources that can supply light power. It is also reported that many families in Ukhrul who cannot afford the private generators, solar and other power sources are as in a dilemma. The provision of Kerosene is also presently unavailable at the market .In fact the present condition daily routime of eating supper and sleeping is generally tabled before the sun sets, the lack of electricity is many ways have inconvenienced the life of the people in this era.

The light sources like rechargeable goods including mobile handsets and other devices had remained unoperational due to the complete failure of electricity power supply in Ukhrul for the last 10 consecutive days .When this Ukhrul Correspondent interacted to the concerned office in the matter ,the official source said that from 14 August ,the light failure was detected between Mahadev and Litan 33KV Line where the insulator was punctured and in which the transmission and construction Division-11 Imphal is responsible for repair works and the failure or the power loss is reportedly detected near Hundung Cement Factory and the repair works also is not under the purview of the Ukhrul Power division. The sources disclosed.


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