UNC charges state govt of bias handling of Sadar Hills issue


IMPHAL, August 9: The United Naga Council will not accept Bifurcation of Naga Areas without the wishes and consent of the Nagas. The Nagas have been resisting arbitrary encroachment and creation of artificial boundary of their land since colonial period and hence any attempt on the part of the government of Manipur to create SADAR Hills district without consulting the Nagas will be strongly opposed, stated a statement of the United Naga Council.

It has further stated that the Nagas have signed four MOUs with the government of Manipur, wherein the MOU of 1998 stated that “ resolution to the conflict on the issue of SADAR HILLS will be brought about through a concensus of the peoples concerned in the interest of bringing about lasting peace and harmony between the Nagas and Kukis”.  Therefore, the government should not take any hasty decision in this matter.

It has further mentioned that the inept handling of the present crisis and bias attitude demonstrated by the government of Manipur is viewed by the Nagas as an attempt pit one community against the other.

Further according to the statement, all emergency cases including seriously ill persons should be allowed free passage for medical treatment within 24 hours time starting August 8, in the event of failing to make this humanitarian arrangement the Nagas would blame the government of Manipur for any casualties caused due to lack of medical attention.

It has also warned against forcing the Nagas to contribute money to fund the agitation and asking them to organized rallies and dharnas in support of Sadar Hills district against their will should be immediately stopped, henceforth Nagas will not tolerate those elements and the Government would be held responsible any untoward incidents arising out of it, added the release.


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