Unjustified price rise for edible items in city


IMPHAL August 4: As an effect of the imposed economic blockade along the NH 2 by the Sadar Hills District hood Demand Committee since August 1, prices of vegetable items and meat products have abruptly escalated in Imphal areas.

Supply of essential commodities including fuel and cooking gas has been transported into the state by goods trucks on a daily basis.

Even though the trucks have been attacked by strike supporters and more than ten trucks have been burnt in the last three days along the NH 39, still more than 250/300 trucks arrive in the state capital along the route on a daily basis under security cover provided by the state and paramilitary forces.

Even though the supply has not been affected, shopkeepers within Imphal areas have hiked up their prices for potatoes, onions, eggs and fish.

Since yesterday, potatoes which cost around 15/16 Rs per kilogram have climbed to 20 Rs. Onion earlier costing 18 Kg per kilo is now sold at Rs 24 and a plate of eggs costing 115 Rs has reached 130Rs.

The supply of fish from outside the state has also run dry. Naobi, proprietor of Ima fish at Uripok said “ The supply has run dry, some other big fish centre’s are selling Rahu at 130 Rs per Kg which was sold at 100 Rs earlier, Sareng also climbed up to 250 Rs from Rs 200/220.”

Also cooking gas sold at Rs 500/550 in the black has also reached Rs 600/650 in shops around Imphal city.

Citizens apprehensive that there will be dearth of petroleum have also started queuing up at the petrol pumps. Anil, a medical representative said “I am stocking up on fuel, who knows the pumps might close down tomorrow and the price may suddenly escalate as we saw before some time back during a similar blockade along the highway.”

Talking to some underprivileged sections, many voiced the need for the state government and the civil organizations to look into the matter and find out the cause for the unjustified inflation. It was stated that some wholesale agents are just hiking up the price to get extra profits in purview of the economic blockade. 


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