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Welfare measures for education volunteers demanded

IMPHAL August 23: The All Manipur education Volunteers welfare association, in a press conference held at hotel Kristina,  today demanded the government to absorb or appoint educational volunteers employed at different Education Guarantee scheme centers  from each districts in the process of up grading regular primary school from different EGS centers in the state. The association also demanded that necessary benefits granted under Right to compulsory and free education Act of the central government should be duly provided to the students studying at different EGS Centers

The association also demanded that the  EV employed at different EGS centre prior to the introduction of RTE Act should be  relax in the ensuing Teachers eligibility test (TET) and added that Centers full filling the guidelines and location criteria should be up graded.                                                                                                          Oinam Nobin president while addressing the conference said that the scheme has been implemented under SSA of the central government’s Human Resource ministry through the state mission authority wherein the works were carried out by different committees headed by state project director or D.C. as chairperson. EGS centers are open at different locations in each state with prescribed distance of 1 km radius from government run schools and each center have EV of one to two according to the strengths of the students. The scheme was first launch in Churachandpur in 2003/04 and gradually extended to other areas of the state, Nobin added.

According to Nobin, it has reported that various issues cropped up lately owing to authority concerned’s lack of initiatives in matters concerning up gradation of EGS Centers and its Educational volunteers.  A meeting was held this morning, that was attended by EV from different EGS Centers and  unanimously agreed  upon the demands, he added.

The Association , while addressing the conference insisted the government of stern democratic agitations if the demands are not fulfill within September 6.



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