Why passing the bugs in Tamenglong District Hospital for nothing?


Original Source: The Imphal Free Press


It is ashamed of to be a Ruangmei community while going through the press release of Mr Frank Pame on the Title Tamenglong District Hospital Needs Proper Supervision in Imphal Free Press dated 02.08.2011, alleging Dr.K.Gaithaorung, the present CMO of Tamenglong as if Mr Frank knows every capacity of Departmental works.

Mr Frank Pame would be a better and farsighted person if he approached in person to the D.C. and CMO of Tamenglong for any Medical developmental works or to the concerned designated authorities for respective works. He lacks human attitudes and characters for singling out his thoughts and sights. It is suggested that before going to the media, he should approach and discuss any development works with District Administrator rather than passing the bugs to somebody.

Majority of Tamenglong public and people of Manipur have witnessed Developmental works performed by Dr.K.Gaithaorung for Medical Department in Tamenglong when he was the Chief Medical Officer I/c of Tamenglong District in the year 2001 to 2007. The standing structures and medical equipments available in the Medical Department under Tamenglong District can not be denied the works done by Dr.K.Gaithaorung. Let it be known to the general people that commendable jobs had done during those periods while he was CMO I/c of Tamenglong. But Mr. Frank Pame failed to categorize himself to be a good Samaritan of Ruangmei.

1. One Barrack type Quarter:-having accommodation for 3 families of Doctors was constructed near CMO’s Office.It may be pertinent to mention that the Government land occupied by Medical Department was about to allot to the public but Dr.Gaithaorung opposed the allotment and apprised the D.C that he wanted to use the land for Medical Department. Now we have seen that Barrack type of Quarter for Medical Officers.

2. New buildings constructed :-(i). C.H.C. Nungba, (ii) PHC,Khoupum. (iii) PHC,Haochong, (iv) PHC,Noney.(v) PHC,Tamei. (vi) PHC, Oinamlong. (vii).Staff Quartes at CHC,Nungba.(viii) Ladies’ and Gents’ Toilets in the Tamenglong Hospital Complex (under Civic Action Plan by the Army at the initiation of Dr.Gaithaorung).

3. Renovation of Health Centers :- (i) 8 Primary Health Service Centres (PHSCs) (ii) District Hospital and (iii) CMO Office.

. Blood Bank Building: – Blood Bank Building was constructed, which is now using as O.P.D and other section of the Medical Department.

5. DDAC Building: – Drug De-addiction Centre Building was constructed.

6. O.T. Building (Small size):- It was constructed behind the Medical store room. Now it is using for Laboratory and IDSP.

7. A New O.T (Operation Theatre) of large size was constructed but it is not handed over to the Medical Department by DRDA due to some internal reasons.

8. Post Mortem Building and Kitchen Extension buildings were constructed.

9. One Ambulance Vehicle each was requisitioned from the Medical Directorate, and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur.

10. Maximum medical specialists were posted at District Hoapital viz 1) child specialist,2) ENT Speacialist, 3) Ortho-surgeon. (4) Gynaecologist, (5) Anaesthetist.

11. Water Tank was constructed in front of the District Hospital under leadership of Dr.K.Gaithaorung, District Hospital Welfare Society/Committee.

12.Eviction of encroached land of Medical Department and fencing of District Hospital were made with the help of former D.C, Mr. Thaithuilung Pamei can not be forgotten.

13.Under the guidance of Dr.K.Gaithaorung, District Hospital Encroachment Society was formed with Village Chairman, Zelianrong Union and other sympathizers with the objective to protect the land of Medical Department. But this District Hospital Encroachment Society has undergone a dormant state after the transfer of Dr.K.Gaithaorung to Medical Directorate, Imphal.

14.Dr.K.Gaithaorung had made ready with all the official procedures in 2007 for construction of Medical quarters at Tamenglong District Hospital before his transfer to Medical Directorate at Imphal.But it was completed recently (2011).

15. Dr.K.Gaithaorung had requisitioned a portable X-ray machine from the Army, which is seen utilized by the Hospital.

Common people will agree that no development works are seen in Medical Department of Tamenglong after the transfer of Dr.K.Gaithaorung. But some motivated people tried to inflict bad reputation to him. Let us put in record the joy of the people of Tamenglong for the second time coming of Dr.K.Gaithaorung as Chief Medical Officer of Tamenglong District.

Mr. Frank Pame,my dear brother, awake from your deep slumber and inspect/verify yourself what have been stated hereto and be comforted yourself before you indict other. What Frank has seen in Medical Department of Tamenglong after 2007 till June 2011 were vacant of improvements? His dictums are all motivated with prejudices, vices and distortion of true and with immaturity in thought and age. Remember, Frank! You have stepped into the wrong shoes. Perhaps, he is drunk in other motivated words or is he dividing the narrow geography of Rianglam and Ruanglam of Ruangmei community. Stop this notion, for God’s sake.

It is, hereby, appealed to the Government of Manipur not to ponder into the words of vested interest that maligns Government Employees in general. The Government should give a good thought for the improvement of Tamenglong District in respect of man-power, infrastructures etc. in all the Departmental works in the best interest of the general people.

Yours faithfully,
Dinsuangam Pamei
Forest Gate
Tamenglong District,Manipur.


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