ZSF withdraws from voluntary checking of price rise


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, Aug 11: The Zomi Students Federation, ZSF, in a press statement today said that it has withdrawn from their stand to control and help contain price rise of essential commodities in and around Churachandpur in the aftermath of Senapati areas economic blockade and added that it is looking for more competent authorities to do the same.

Earlier in a bid to contained spiraling price a consultative meeting was held but the meeting was abruptly suspended due to the presence of security forces, the statement has said.

In another development, the Churachandpur District Students Union, CDSU, is convening a wider consultative meeting at the Paite Tribe Council Hall on August 13 from 1 pm over the Ccpur government college authorities’ attempt to abolish Class-XII, the pitiable road conditions in the district and the shortage of MO staffs at the district hospital over which the union had already apprise the concern government officials who have however failed to give any heed.


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