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9/11 Day Observation – MSAD and Just Peace Foundation


Silently away from the blares of media it is but an inconvenient truth of the so-called largest democracy of the world. 9\11 is the day of the year 1958 when the Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) was signed into a law by his Excellency the President of India, the most draconian and undemocratic legislation enacted by the Indian Parliament. Since then, without any break and judicial review, the black law has been in force in the region. The fact that the ‘right to life’ enshrined in the constitution is not a privilege of all may come as a surprise to many. It was an attack on democracy. While very few civil society organizations and individuals in Delhi has come forward to show solidarity to Irom’s cause, not many have joined her cry of repeal of AFSPA. The need to observe the 9/11 is to initiate discussions around such inconvenient truths. Let’s join the black day observation against the Draconian law, at Arts Faculty, Delhi University, on 9/11/2011 from 11am to 4pm. It is organized to support the world longest fast by Irom Sharmila and the cause to repeal AFSPA. Planning meeting of the worldwide protest on 5 November 2011 as Irom Sharmila is completing 11 years of fast will also be held during the observation. All the people from sections of societies are invited to join the observation.

President   Manipur Student’s Association Delhi (MSAD)

Coordinator, Delhi:  Just Peace Foundation (JPF)

Contact:  9250446722, 7503689305, 9718669413,
Date 9/9/11



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