Ailing Family Court of Manipur



Apropos Mr Samson Khaba’s letter on the Defunct Family Court of Manipur published on 19th August last, I would like to supplement that The Family Court is the only place where one can get justice for matrimonial tussles and disharmonies. But, as most things in Manipur, the Family Court is seemingly crawling when it should run apace as in other States of Inda. What is the Government doing? Is it only busy in the vote politics and embezzling public funds? Is the legal system in Manipur so deblorable just because it merged into India? Or, is it due to our own peoples’ neglect, indolence and complacency in matters pertaining to legal complexities? These are questions that need to be answered with a deep breadth and a little introspection. It is high time that the authorities and the general public go hand in hand to rectify the malady in Family Court. We want to to hear a lucid report of the ailing Family Court in the front page of your esteemed daily. hence, kindly investigate into the matter and give a detailed news coverage in the interest of the hapless people of Manipur.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Bhabini Maibam,
Moirang Khunou,
P.O.Moirang, Manipur.



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