Allegations refuted


    IMPHAL, Sept 15 (NNN): Refuting strongly to the allegations made by Village Authority Board of Irang Part-1 that chairman of Manedara Irang village Puney Prasad Poudel was assaulted on September 10 by Ch Tabamwi who is the secretary of Thonglang Atongba village located along the I.T Road.

    According to Thonglang Atongba Youth Club (TAYC) president Dokpipou, there was a mere argument between one Chamlamdin of Thonglang Atongba village and Puney Prasad Poudel on minor matter but there was never a physical assault as alleged by Village Authority Board of Irang Part-1. The TAYC president advised the Village Board of Irang Part-1 not to cook up stories as it may pave room for communal flare up. TAYC president Dokpipou while narrating on the September 10 incident said that actually it was Ch Tabamwi who was pacifying both Puney Prasad and Chamlamdin not to argue on such small matter. Dokpipou then expressed that it was unnecessary for the part of Puney Prasad`s party to have reported such a minor matter to the police and the 10th Dogra Regiment and also to have gone to the media for publication. The Thonglang Atongba Youth Club cautions that if the Village Authority Board of Irang Part-1 is to maintain peace, it should avoid creating a Himalaya out of a small hill.


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