AMTU on Sadar Hills issue


IMPHAL, Sept 7 (NNN): All Manipur Tribal Union (AMTU) today said a constitutional and amicable solution for-and-against the ongoing political wrangling over Sadar Hills district demand is located in the court of law rather than taking the surcharged issue to the streets.

The agitation by Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC) for a full fledged Sadar Hills district and United Naga Council’s (UNC) counter agitation against “inclusion of any Naga village” are both “considerable” by the state government within the purview of the Indian Constitution, observed AMTU.

SHDDC agitated across Sadar Hills and on National Highways 39 and 53 for over one month since August 1 demanding a full fledged Sadar Hills district. While it has lifted general strike on the 35th day, economic blockades on the highways continue indefinitely. The Nagas under the aegis of United Naga Council (UNC) too went on a counter agitation against seceding “even an inch of Nagas` land” for the creation of Sadar Hills district, but recently relaxed its position by lifting the general strike but opted for economic blockade.      

“AMTU believes that the state government is analyzing and working on the process within the ambit of such (constitutional) provision” to usher in amicable solution agreeable to both the aggrieved parties, said AMTU.

It noted that in the state no one seems interested in taking recourse to law court to settle issues. “In Manipur none seems inclined to pursue such issues or the like through competent courts with the help of legal experts, people mostly resort to violence,” said a joint statement from the president and general secretary DP Panmei and Romeo Bungdon of AMTU.

The statement said because people have sidestepped legal ways of settling their issues, unlawfully incidents incited by sheer emotional rage and psychological stress have only grown rampant.

It is beastly and inhuman and may lead to aggression and destruction if not adjudicated suitably; it said and appealed that the demand and counter demand be pursued through legal courts in a civilized manner to avoid accidental, underserved and unaware crimes.

Prolonged economic blockades and bandhs have squeezed the patience out of the people and has taken a communal color with the possibility of unintended ethnic violence, it added while appealing to the strikers to abjure violent means of protest and to resort to law courts to settle their differences.


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