CDSU backs demand for Sadar Hills district


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA Sept 10 :  The Churachandpur District Students Union , CDSU, while supporting the protracted struggle for creation of  a full fledged Sadar Hills` District said in a press statement today that it has been constraint to resolutely condemn the recalcitrant attitude of the state government accussing  it as abdurate and overestimating  those who resort to hunger strike and peaceful democratic agitations .

The CDSU in the released alleged the government of misreading the publics mood while expressing its inability to understand deployment of state forces with the hope of making some favourable sea changes over the development  by the state government 

Maintaining that the government instead of honestly dealing with the issue raised by the SHDDC chose to cover up its inaptitude on the false pretext of law and order and thereby isolating SH demand by insidously generalising reorganisation for the whole district of Manipur in the name of administrative conveniences it has said this portents severe consequences

The CDSU will not remain as a mute spectator to the formatio0n of the (Farce ) committee on Re-organisation of Adm and Police District boundaries nor will it be budge by an inch against any unscrupulous divisive attempt of the state government said the CDSU.

While pledging support to the SHDDC and hell-bent to treat and  protect citizens with fairness and justice the CDSU maintains the demand raised by SHDDC is a consequences of inadequate addressed to  social and economic problems regardless of tribes caste and religion and so on.

The CDSU reeleased has said Mr. Ibobi who rather than respecting the sentiments of the Sadar Hills people chose to be in Tokyo is callous adverturism and stupidity while hinting that Manipiur government should get on the right side of history given the long drawn 39 year old struggle for full fledge Sadar Hill District


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