CDSU puts blanket ban on all government activities and offices at CCpur


From Kaimuanthang
LAMKA, Sep 19 : The Churachandpur District Students` Union , CDSU, took recourse to the extreme steps of banning all government related activities and programmes alongwith closing down of all state government department offices and insititutions from today for an indefinite period of time after the demand it had risen to the government have not been meterialised till date according to the CDSU president.

The CDSU has been demanding sufficient medical officer, MO, (specialist ) and technical as well as non-technical staffs, full fledge casualty and separate power supply for the district hospital,  according to a release issued by the the unions` Information Department today.

It said that the CDSU and the Joint Philanthropic Organisation , JPO, pressed the state government for quite sometime for uplifment and benefit of people in the district yet it has only fallen in deaf ear of the government, while urging all concern to give maximum cooperation in the  move.

The CDSU volunteers according to another source were running from government offices to another telling staffs to leave while in the meantime locking offices with keys. Though there has been security guards at various offices many of the employees dare to keep on attending offices and once they have been commanded to leave.


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