Condemning assault of Chandel youths at Kakching Lamkhai



With due respect, we would like to share some points regarding the incident at Thamlapokpi along Imphal-Moreh Road of the faithful day of 23rd September 2011:

1. The economic blockade at Thamlopokpi along Pallel-Moreh Road was organised under the banner of UNC and not by the People of Chandel to be specific. On the said date of 23rd September a Kakching bolero driver speeding up from Moreh was stopped by UNC bandh supporters but didn’t obliged and speed up and suddenly a vehicle coming from Imphal towards Moreh approached there and they collided at each other and then the Bolero fell into the canal (accident), so over this point the family members and some groups of people started assaulting the Chandel people and took away their goods and also told them no to take any goods to Chandel, while the police of Thoubal are watching and enjoying the show (without knowing the truth behind what’s happening over there at Thamlapokpi Village).

2. 24th September 2011: Mr. Phamhrin (former G.Secy.Anal student Union)’s bolero was hit by the group people at Kakching Lamkhai and three guys were beaten up.

3. 25th September 2011: Any Meitei can drive freely to Chandel with vehicle but not tribals, they (tribals from Chandel) were allowed to travel from Kakching Lamkhai to Pallel only by foot. Many youths from Chandel were beaten and injured and not only that, some were even put to jail.

4. Many new incidents are happening but we’ll mention only what is necessary.

5. The Anal Students’ Forum, Manipur highly condemns this act, the Government shouldn’t be a silent spectator at this kind of situation. It’s sad that the some of the people are taking the law at their own hands. Is the Government no more? Do they exist only by names?

We are making this point not to escalate the situation but to let the people know that all this things begins out of misunderstanding and because of this outcomes, we wanted to clarify through your esteemed newspapers to kindly do the needful so that we can all continue living peacefully.

Thank you

Yours’ Sincerely
Anal Students’ Forum (ASF), Manipur

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