Coordinating committee of seven UGs call for unity; end to narrow minded stances


IMPHAL September 23:  The coordinating committee (CorCom) of KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PEPAK(Pro), RPF, UNLF and UPPK in a statement has appealed the different communities of the state to keep aside narrow minded stances and to maintain communal harmony in the state.

It further stated that the SHDDC demanding a full fledged Sadar Hill district has imposed the economic blockade since August 1. The UNC in their counter demand has also imposed another counter blockade, and the status has remained as it is for 54 days totally.

The adopted stances have caused untold hardships to the public irrespective of both the hill and plain. Vehicles have been burnt, truck drivers killed and wanton violence have erupted. Even the medical sector which is let off even during times of war has not been spared and trucks carrying life saving drugs have been torched. The prices of essential commodities have sky rocketed. The far flung areas of the state have been in immense torment since, it said.

The cries of the public to both the SHDDC and UNC to ease the torment have apparently been unaddressed, the decision taken by some womenfolk to impose a counter blockade to the hills is not in the interest of the state and it further appeals to the concerned to refrain from such anti social activities.

The designs of the communities which are aimed at destroying the social fabric and to strangulate each other must be condemned, the statement said.

Depriving the public of the right to life and that also from amongst the residents of the state is a challenge to the people and a violation of human rights.

The statement alleged that the Indian government remains a mute spectator to the sufferings of the public. It said that the circumstances if occurred in some other part of India would have been effectively dealt with at the soonest. But, the step motherly treatment carried out simply conveys the undermined outlook of the centre towards the state. The warring stances amongst the communities are a ploy of the centre to divide and rule inhabitants, the inability of the communities to come together towards a common objective is the want of the Indian government, it said.

Further, the attitude of the Chief Minister, his being absent from the state during the times of utmost need of tendering to the cries of the public shows the lack of responsibility of a public leader. There is no one in history with similar apathy to his own people and the public must take cognizance of the fact, it stated.

In conclusion, it has appealed that the communities need to come together to throw off the colonial yoke which torments the citizens and to bring a harmonious coexistence in the state.


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