Former India captain MAK Pataudi passes away


BANGALORE, September 22 (agencies): India`s youngest-ever captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi lost his battle with a lung infection and passed away at a Delhi hospital today evening. Pataudi, who captained India in 40 of his 46 Tests is survived by his wife, yesteryear acting superstar Sharmila Tagore and three children, including film stars Saif and Soha Ali Khan.

“His condition has deteriorated since Wednesday and he is unable to maintain his oxygen level in spite of maximum treatment. He continues to remain in the ICU (intensive care unit),” news agency IANS quoted Neeraj Jain, senior consultant and chairman of pulmonolgy (chest medicine) at Sir Gangaram Hospital in central Delhi, as saying earlier today.

The 70-year-old Pataudi was admitted to the hospital in August with acute lung infection. The condition does not allow normal passage of oxygen to both the lungs. The patient breathes out more carbon dioxide during infection.

“This disease….had been static since the last three months. It worsened very acutely over the last four weeks,” Jain told IANS adding a possible lung transplant was discussed.”

“The possibility of lung transplant was discussed very early as soon as his condition worsened. But he was not a suitable candidate for it,” he added.

Pataudi, who became India captain at the age of 21, only a few months after losing the sight in his right eye following an accident, scored 2793 runs including six centuries in 46 Tests at an average of 34.91. And, it was under his leadership that India won their first overseas Test against New Zealand in 1967.


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