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Government fixes wholesale prices of essential commodities

IMPHAL Sept 24: A high level meeting convened by the minister of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution  N Biren at his official chamber at the Ministerial South Block Manipur secretariat this evening has finalized  a fixed wholesale price for essential commodities in the state, which will be reviewed again after 10 days.

Speaking to mediapersons soon after the meeting, N Biren stated that the meeting has decided to make wholesalers of essential commodities located at the Khwairamband bazaar to maintain uniform prices of commodities and to display the price list at the front of their respective shops.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Bazar Business communities,  DC Imphal west Radhakanta and director state CAF & PD.

He further mentioned that the representatives of the business community had informed during the formal meeting, the comparative prices of all essential commodities between Delhi and Manipur and had also maintained that the transportation charges is Rs 2 per kg from Dimapur to Imphal, while the charge is Rs 6 per kg from Sichar to Imphal and Rs 8-10 from  Guwahati to Imphal.

The business community representatives had further informed that due to the economic blockade along the National Highways since August 1, essential commodities have been brought into the state through the Imphal-Jiribam Highway and due to the higher transportation charges, the prices have also come up a little which could have affected the general populace, the minister stated.

He further mentioned that taking into consideration the explanation on the price hike from the business community, the meeting has decided to review the present prices of essential commodities and has also newly fixed the wholesale rates of the essential commodities.

He further mentioned that, the prices as indicated in the annexure can be enhanced by 10% at the outskirt district headquarters like Thoubal, Bishnupur and the whole sale rate will be reviewed after 10 ten days from the implementation of the newly adopted systems.

In the meantime, the minister further mentioned that, the state government considering the grievances faced by the common people of the state over the price hike has also chalked out different strategies.

He further said that an official team of the state CAF & PD has been sent to Silchar with an officially sanctioned amount of Rs 93 lakhs to purchase essential commodities including Dal, Onion, Garlic and edible oil from outside the state so as to sell it in the state at whole sale rate to the public by establishing mobile sales.

The government is also considering requisition of private trucks for transportation of essential commodities so as to further help reduce the transportation charges faced by the business community which could helped the wholesalers to the sell the commodities at the minimum price.

The minister further mentioned that, at no point of time, the state government has neglected the grievances faced by the common people despite of the multiple issues which have kept the state under seize.

He also extended his humble appeal to the student bodies of the state who have been on active drives against the recent price hike of essential commodities in the main market centres of the state in the aftermath of the imposition of the economic blockade to suspend their drive from tomorrow onward considering the positive initiative taken up officially today during the joint meeting.

Meanwhile, he has also informed that the business community has acknowledged that essential commodities are stored in their various godowns and there is no apprehension of shortage of essential commodities in the state at present. Regarding petrol, he has maintained that the state has stock for another 12 days whereas regarding diesel, there is stock for another 10 days. He also added that there is no shortage of kerosene and LPG in the state.



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