Gurgaon police delayed FIR on attempted rape of Manipuri girl alleges NESC&H


IMPHAL, September 22: A press release of the North East Support Centre & Helpline has stated that a woman from Manipur was sexually assaulted, kept confined in a locked room and attempted to raped repeatedly by two men in Gurgaon.

“North East Support Centre & Helpline (NESC&H) team rushed to the spot and rescued the victim. Police reluctantly registered complaint after bringing pressure from media” a press release alleged.

The release has further stated that “According to rescue team combined of NESC&H and North East Student Bodies, the incident happened when Mary (name changed) 27, victim went to an old man in Gurgaon known to her since the last three years, had food, drink and stayed there on September 19 and 20.  On September 21 early morning two unknown men – Malik from Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi and Sandeep Kumar from Verender Nagar, New Delhi forcefully entered the house while the old man was drunk and in deep sleep. They entered the room where Mary was sleeping, locked from inside and demanded for sex. She was slapped on face and spat on body when she refused to yield to their demand. She managed to enter the bathroom, locked from inside and luckily had NE Helpline Numbers and called up for help”.

NESC&H rescue team led by Angam Haokip, media coordinator rushed to the spot along with Kuki Student Organisations and other Naga student bodies and rescued the girl with the help of police at 2 PM. The rescue team gave trauma counseling and went to police to register complaint at Gurgaon DLF Phase I police station, it stated.

“What happens at Delhi and NCR police stations are nightmare for North East India communities. The victim wrote her complaint and submitted to the police officer in Gurgaon DLF Phase I police station yesterday at 3 PM and he refused to accept the complaint, saying that the lines “attempt rape” should be removed from the complaint”.

Madhu Chandra, spokesperson of NESC&H, who was out of station at the moment spoke hard to the Station House Officer (SHO) of Gurgaon DLF Phase I police station stating why he should be reluctant, delay and deny the complaint lodged by North East communities.

“I spoke to SHO that North East India communities are Indian citizens; it is their fundamental rights to take help from law enforcing agencies. If you fail to take the complaint, we will approach higher official to take action against you,” says Madhu Chandra quoted the release.

Thereafter, the complaint was accepted and the victim was taken for medical examination and the medical report is yet to come. A case is registered against two offenders registered under FIR No. 147 dated 21/9/2011 under 376/511 of Indian Penal Code.

“Reluctance, delay and denial to lodge complaint by Delhi and NCR police for North East India communities is the violation of fundament rights. Article 15 of Indian Constitution guarantees that neither citizen nor state should discriminate any citizen of India on the basis of race, caste, religion and place of birth,” says Madhu Chandra.


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  2. i submit the contempt against the barbaric act. But one thing I am not clear is that, why our girls go alone there without any security, have shared drinks with elderly person (mayang or manipuri not clear), hold nights. Don’t you think that, these acts will attract the criminals to commit? And one more thing, dressing of most of our NE girls staying in metropolitans is not entertaining. what they want to show…..they are stylish?..look like foreigner?…korean?…very rich? last we should know that our richest is not richer than a big farmer of other state. 


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