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Hmar People`s Convention (Democratic)

IMPHAL, September 30: The executive council of the Hmar People`s Convention (Democratic} in its emergency Meeting held on September 29 has collectively resolved and impeached Lafhmingthang Sanate from the party as well as his designation as president of the Party, stated a press statement of the party.

It has further stated that Lalhmingthang Sanate has severely failed to represent and up hold the interest of the Party and the aspiration of the Hmar people.

“After having convinced that the narrow selfish interest pursued by Lalhmingthang Sanate stands against the Hmar People`s Convention (Democratic) and the Hmar People that it represents, the executive council of the Hmar Peoples` Convention (Democratic) is compelled to impeach him”.

Lafhmingthang Sanate, without even informing and consulting the executive committee of the party signed the “DEED OF AGREEMENT” and merged the Hmar People`s Convention (Democratic) as a member of the Kuki National Organisation (KNO).

“The Hmar People`s Convention (Democratic) hereby declares that the “DEED OF AGREEMENT` signed by Lalhmingthang Sanate is null and void”.

The Hmar People`s Convention (Democratic) is convinced that Sanate’s act is untoward, immature and undemocratic. It has sincerely apologized to the Hmar people for allowing a traitor to lead the party and the people that it represents, it added.

It has further stated that with the committed resolution in the interest of fulfilling the long-time political aspirations of the Hmar people, the organization is compelled to do the needful.

It has further stated that Lalhmingthang Sanate should not take the name of Hmar or the Hmar People`s Convention (Democratic) for any purpose in the interest of the party and that in the larger interest of peace, security and  understanding, Lalhmingthang Sanate must accept his serious mistake and his impeachment, it added.



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