KCP (MC) strongly against immigrants


IMPHAL September 19:  A press release by assistant secretary Military Affairs of the KCP (MC) has come out strongly against immigrants. The statement mentions that the state government should be held accountable for the huge influx which outnumbers the local population.

It said that stern measures will be taken up by the outfit in addressing the issue of infux. It is a shame that the state government has remained blind to such an important issue and instead is in cahoots with the outsiders. They are given voting rights and thus are controlling many of the political and economic aspects of the state. The Inner Line Permit system have been given the wrong  view to the public by stating that once the ILP has been imposed, no Manipuri will be able to leave the state.

The Chief Minister and his council of ministers inclusive of the CPI have been trying to dodge the issue even when raised at the state assembly sittings. It is a clear indication that the government is not taking a proper stance to address the influx and not treated as a political problem.

The ILP should be implemented and the civil organizations pushing the demand are acknowledged by the outfit, it states. 


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