Langjing parking in bad shape


IMPHAL Sept 9: The parking area near the Langjing Hill which was developed by the government is in sorry state.

Serious inconveniences has been inflicting to the truckers  journeyed from the long arduous route on the national highway 37 on regular basis owing to non availability of proper infrastructure in the parking facility.

Th. Shyam Kha-nganba, president of the United Club N.H. 37 addressing a press conference held in this connection to highlight the inconveniences faced by the truckers who are taking temporary shelter at the said parking facility said that at present the said area is lacking in water, security measures and sanitary amenities such as drinking water, proper lavatory facility for the truckers and inadequate fencing of the surrounding areas and total non existence lighting mechanism. The area also riddle with potholes and is in need of blacktopping, he demanded. He further added that as the present area is rather congested, expansion to the adjoining area is required by filling earth.

As the parking area is vital for the truckers coming from Imphal –Jiribam Highway, maintaining to proper workable condition is a prerequisite necessity. Shyam added that similar inconveniences are facing at Jiribam by the truckers. He elaborated that in Jiribam at Dibong Awang leikai, Kadamtala and Islamabad Lamkhai with no parking area available the trucks are lining on the available spaces nearby the godown situated in these area on daily basis. From such conditions arise many issues from the local residents from around these places, he reiterated.

Addressing the conference held at Langjing Parking, Shyam drawing the attention of the department concerned of the government appealed to fulfilled various necessary requirements that are lacking in these areas to provide conducive environment for the welfare of the truckers. The union also appealed that proper parking space to be provided at Jiribam at a convenient location for the truckers.

Citing the present requirements at these areas, the union appealed the government to take a cabinet decision to approve to provide the required necessities prior to election code of conduct.


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