Making Money The Easy Way In Manipur!


By: Deepa Khomdram

With globalization taking over the current generation, there are many ways people can make money. Many an avenues have opened up for easy money making. A complete fresher can start off as an entrepreneur with zero bank balance and if s/he is lucky enough then s/he can be a millionaire in a fortnight. There are various ways of earning money.

Also with the intrusion of the World Wide Web, it has been made even easier. The whole world is money driven today and is rapidly moving forward to a direction where there is no looking back. But the scenario is quite different back home. We have the capability and potential to outshine everyone else but we lack the basic resources that are vital. Yet money comes easy. I doubt if there are any other place in the whole of the world where money comes so easy!

In fact, Manipur is one such state where anyone can make money very easily. Following are some of the tips to make easy money in Manipur:

1) Create a “LUP” and start sending demand letters to every household overlooking how hard they are trying to make both ends meet.

2) Become a part of a government agency and you will get big fat green papers underneath the table at the behest of false promises. “Bribing” is the exact word for it!

3) Form a Union and become a leader. You will find easy cash flowing in.

4) Form an insurgent group of say about 5-6 members. Get hold of a country-made gun (I bet even a toy gun will suffice) and start spreading rumors about your group to instill fear among the people.

5) Join the security forces and start with Gundagiri and collecting haptas from the rickshawallas and the red light areas.

Make Money Instantly Today!

Become a Lishingpati or a Lakhpati if not a Crorepati… Life comes cheap in Manipur. A life cost Rupees One Lakh. At times, it varies from 50,000 to One Lakh Rupees depending on the circumstances which led to the death!

For Investors Only!

– Get someone killed for Rupees 20,000 only and get One Lakh Rupees in return…!

This is the true face of Manipur that most of us deny to accept. But how far are we going to run away from it? How long should we continue to turn a blind eye? Because of our fear to face the truth and accept the consequences we as the people of Manipur are losing our integrity. We are losing the right to live in peace. Despite the potentials that we and our people have, we don’t have a choice but to lay low. Whether it’s in Manipur or outside Manipur, all of us are living our life in straitjacket!

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