MLA Morung clarifies on Maring public meeting


IMPHAL Sept 2:  MLA Morung Makunga has clarified his stance regarding the Maring public meeting held on August 30 at Meipou community hall, Chandel.

An official letter written by the MLA to Maring Uparap Assembly, Maring Students’ Union, Maring Napuiya Yinglam and Maring Literature Society stated that he attended the meeting of the Hill Areas Committee (HAC) on August 23 since his absence could be misunderstood as unwillingness to object the Khoibu tribe recognition recommendation of the expert committee.

It said that the MLA voiced his apprehension about granting the tribe recognition status at the said deliberations.

He made the members aware that the Khoibu tribe recognition may become cause of simmering tensions for the Maring community and that such recognition may even prove detrimental to the MLAs political career. The other members present also voiced their opinion that the tribe recognition status should not be politicized by anyone. Therefore, the question of appending his signature for the recognition of Khoibu did not arise. However, the overwhelming majority of the Hill Areas Committee concurred with the recommendation of the expert committee and that Morung was the lone dissident.

Furthermore, the memorandum of understanding between the state government and the Maring Uparap Assembly is an important document which was not available to the MLA.

“However, I would like to apprise you that as part of the ongoing Capitol Project, a kaleidoscope of all the communities of Manipur will be depicted in the halls of the new Assembly building. I had immediately raised an objection with the contention that Khoibu is not a recognized tribe. However, the cabinet made the decision on the contrary”, it said.

Therefore the aforementioned facts will hopefully make it clear that any act on the MLAs part did not violate any provisions of the MOU between the state government and the Maring Uparap Assembly, notwithstanding the fact that the MOU was not shared with me, the MLA clarified.


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