MPP Youth Front wants Governor Gurbachan to quit


IMPHAL, September 28: Perturbed by the volatile situation of the state, the MPP Youth Front has today demanded the Governor of Manipur Gurbachan Jagat to quit from his office for failing to act in the interest of the people of the state.

Speaking at the sit-in-protest cum public meeting held at Wabagai Lamkhai Market, the president of MPP Youth Front, M Maniton stated that the Governor has failed to understand the sufferings of the people in the wake of economic blockade imposed on both the national highways of the state.

The Governor has just remained as a silent spectator who is unwilling to act against the present SPF government.

He must quit from his office and go back from the state, he enjoined.

Senior opposition MLA O Joy stated that the people of Manipur have become like beggars due to the ongoing economic blockade. They have to stand in long queues before oil pumps and shops just to procure their much needed commodities.

The Centre must intervene to resolve the present issues and ease the sufferings of the common people before any communal clash occurs, he averred.

The demand for Sadar Hills district is legitimate but the undemocratic agitations like economic blockade are condemnable, O Joy noted.

He also appealed to the agitators to take up democratic means to fight for their rights.

Nimaichand stated that the advent of Naga People’s Front (NPF) will have a negative impact on the territorial integrity of the state. People must take precautions against such political strategies.

The sit-in-protest was also attended by vice-presidents L Jatra and S Umananda and other workers of the MPP.


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