MPP Youth Front warns the governtment and businessmen


IMPHAL September 23: The Manipur People’s Party, youth front has stated that it will no longer remain silent if the state government fails to address the woes of the public.

A release by general secretary M Ningthem Luwang has stated that the government is in cahoots with the business community, and deliberately turning a blind eye to the suffering of the public. The government must have a profitable return for adopting such a stance and selling its public to the wealthy business community, it has alleged.

The transporters who are bringing in essential commodities by undertaking huge risks have been sidelined as the businessmen charge exorbitant sums in the name of economic blockade woes. They charge whatever they deem fit from the public, who has to cough up out of compulsion, the government concentrates on the completion of the capitol project whereas its public has been left high and dry.

The MPP Youth Front will not remain a silent spectator and will act in the effect. It warns the businessmen that unwanted incidents may arise if their stance is not relaxed, it is high time that they feel the pulse of the public, it said.


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