Mulund Forest Land Issue, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Letter to the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singhji,

Sitting 10,000 miles away here in USA I keep on dreaming when I will return to my motherland and will get my dream home. With every passing day my dream is becoming a nightmare.
It all started in year 2006. I invested my life’s saving to buy a flat. Many of us have to take bank loan and with every passing year interest rate is going higher and higher. Project was undertaken by  Runwal Group, who are leading builders of Mumbai. We were shown all the clearance paper approved by BMC, also all the loans were sanctioned by the nationalized banks and project was going on smoothly, as per the agreement we were paying loans in installment based on casting of each floor.
Then suddenly there was a bolt from the blue. One NGO Bombay Environmental Action Group” filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Mumbai High courts claiming that these tracts of land on which these housing projects was constructed was forest land prior to 1955. Mumbai High Court stayed any further construction on these lands in June 2005 which subsequently halted the construction.

Five years has passed. We are running from pillar to post, we have tired all possible avenues but so far nothing has happened. Case is swinging in between High court to Supreme Court. Several Committees have been looking into matter with no result.

Mr. Prime Minister please, tell me as a common person how will we ever know that prior to 1955 land was forest land. In that case how BMC gave all the permission, how bank sanctioned all the loans? We all are honest simple person, why should we undergo all these agony?

My other friends have lost all the hopes and they have requested me to write to you that if not during there life time at least after our death put some small roof on their dead body, but I am very optimist, I have been hearing that chief justice of India Respected Shri S.H.Kapadia is an excellent human being. I am sure you will use your good office to see that we get our home and I can return back to my motherland.
We have put our plight on internet.
With warm regards
Malathi Krishnan

[box] This  notifcation was sent to by Malathi Krishnan[/box]

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  1. The Prime Minister will never respond to such grievances.  He is busy saving his party embroiled in unparalleled corruption, uncontrollable inflation due to money sucked out by traitors and siphoned off to foreign lands.  How can he hear the voice of a common man having lost all the life’s saving investing in a house using all diligence but fooled by the authorities who concealed vital information having had their share in the purposeful hiatus of communication between government departments and who enjoy enviable wealth now ?  How can he bring solace to the suffering public during his tenure to be ended shortly ?   Let him search his soul for peace for all the misdeeds committed by his people that have ruined this country beyond limits.  Let us pray.

    • The long disputed issue of construction on forest land in Mumbai finally seems close to a resolution after a recent Supreme Court ruling. But the outcome may not bode well for the already fragile environment of the city. Five years after silence descended in the illegal construction sites in Mumbai, a Supreme Court order could now restart the work.
      The projects had been declared illegal in 2006, as they were located on forest land.
      But the apex court now says work can go on if the Environment Ministry clears it.
      Developers are a happy lot but the court order has come as a blow to green activists like Debi Goenka.
      Goenka was one of the original petitioners who fought to conserve the city’s dwindling forest cover.
      There are approximately 150 such projects being constructed on 200 acres of forest land.
      In 2001, Goenka’s Bombay Environment Action group approached the Bombay High Court saying the state government was not acting against developers building illegally on forest land.
      After five long years, in 2006, the BMC ordered the constructions stopped.
      “These buildings are essentially illegal, they have no permits. They go against the original SC ruling,” says Goenka.
      It’s not just the environmentalists who are anxious. Also keeping their fingers crossed are people like Malathi Krishnan whose dream homes were to be built on the plots.
      “We just learnt about this from the papers. The builders have not told us anything,” says Malathi, who booked a flat here five years ago.
      Now Malathi is hoping he can take possession of his new home soon.

      • No action will be initiated by the Prime Minister.  He has no concern for the common man.  His main concern now is to safeguard the interests of his party embroiled in unparalleled corruption cases.  We have all lost money investing in flats that have been declared forestlands due to intentional coverups laced with corruption in Government Departments which has created billionnaires who enjoy sweet homes now.  Why should the Prime Minister bother at all ? Can he bring to book those involved in creating such a situation for the poor investors ? Can he do a good deed by clearing this issue during his tenure which will end soon ? Let him at least take stock of all the misdeeds his people have committed to ruin this country and search his soul for peace. Let us pray.

        • I’ve lodged a complaint with the President’s Secretariat Helpline and this petition is transferred to Mr NandKumar Jantre.  I doubt that will go anywhere.  Truly, does the PM, CM or President’s authority has any value in India?  Obviously, a resounding “NO”.  The irony is that the people who are affected by the forest issue, the home buyers, are not united either so it works all the more in favor of the builder and the govt. 


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