Naga body directs ADC members


IMPHAL, Sept 29 (Newmai News Network): The United Naga Council (UNC) has directed all the members of Autonomous District Council (ADC) to vacate their chairs so as to strengthen the movement for the `alternative arrangement`.

In its press communique today, the UNC also said that it is the bounden duty of all Naga tribe `hohos`, district or regional organisations, Naga frontal organizations and all the Nagas, young or old, rich or poor and of whatever position, party or position to ensure that the rejected ADC election stands rejected.

“We are now reaching out to all the Naga ADC members, irrespective of their party affiliation to urge them to vacate their chairs so as to strengthen the movement for alternative arrangement which is for all the Nagas in Manipur, without any exception.

Any leader or individual who loves the people and wants to serve them must be with the people and look up to the common agenda resolved by the people. The declaration of the Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) of July 1, 2010 enjoins every Naga soul to stand together for our collective future and in protection of our identity and land,” said the press communique of the UNC.

It then stated that the future of the Nagas as a people must be the concern of every Naga leader and the same must be the guiding spirit in the conduct of public life. “We therefore strongly insist that all the Naga ADC members must courageously abandon their misplaced positions and join their people in the journey of a common future. We also request the respective family members, village councils, tribe hohos and social leaders to facilitate the return of the concerned to the station that is morally and socially sanctioned,” the United Naga Council urged.   


  1. I think instead of targeting and intimidating the present elected ADC members you should go after the public who in fact have voted and elected them. why are you not going after the public? they are the one who violate your call.  First deal with the public and make them understand your agenda and policy or policies. If you have done so, then the verdict is right in front of you; saying no to your ideas and policy they opted to vote rather then to boycott the election. you must listen to the people voice not your self inner voice. don’t presume what you think is what everyone thinks.

  2. First talk to the Nagas public who voted the present MDC. after all the MDC members are being elected by the people despite the UNC boycott of the election. there is no rhythm or reason to attack the elected members.Go to the people and make them understand what you guys are talking about. if you have done so. then realize that the public is not with you in this matter.


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