Newly formed transporters` forum calls for unity amongst transporters in state


IMPHAL, September 22: Five different organizations of transporters, truck owners and drivers this evening announced the formation of a new apex body christened as ‘Transporters and Drivers Forum’ during a press conference held at the main office of the newly formed forum at Keishampat.

The five organizations that have come together to form the new body are the All Manipur Driver Welfare Association, All Manipur Petroleum Tanker Drivers’ Union, Imphal Silchar Road Transport Society, National Highway 53 (37) Truck Owners Association and the All Manipur Inter-state Bus Association.

Speaking at the conference, newly appointed president of the forum K Tombi has called upon all transporters of the state to be united and has as such appeal to the other transporter bodies that are outside of the newly formed apex body to join hands with the forum.

He has further stated that any disagreement or dispute amongst the various transporter bodies in the state will only hurt the people of the state.

He has further informed that the government has given its assurance to provide compensation to the trucks that were burned during the ongoing economic blockade and as such he has informed the truck owners and drivers to bring in valid documentation of vehicle ownership, to the newly formed forum at the earliest to avail the compensation.

He further appreciated the steps taken up by the government regarding the strengthening of ROP along the NH 53 (37) after the assurance provided by the state Chief Minister and the DGP during a meet with representatives of the five bodies on September 18.

He elaborated that during a meeting with the representatives, the state Chief Minister and the DGP had assured to arrange for deployment of SPs and COs on ROP duty to ensure safety of the vehicles plying along the National Highways.

He has further informed that the government has also assured to include vehicle recovery vans and medical teams in the escort parties.


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