No end to Sadar Hills agitations, SHDDC resolves to intensify stir


IMPHAL, Sept 4: Adhering to its stance firmly, the leaders of Sadar Hills have resolved to continue with the ongoing agitations spearheaded by Sadar Hills Districthood Demand committee (SHDDC) demanding full fledged Sadar Hills district with full intensity.

The outcome of the leaders’ meet is much opposite to what has been speculated by the general public. The meet began yesterday with the hope that it could bring a sigh of relief to the present crisis of scarcity of essential commodities. However, the meeting remained inconclusive and deferred today again.   

Briefing media persons after the leaders’ meet held at Kangpokpi today, a spokesperson of the information and publicity wing, informed that the SHDDC is compelled to continue all forms of agitation with more intensity since the state government continues to remain indifferent and adamant to the legitimate demand of the Sadar Hills people and in view of the deteriorating condition of the hunger strikers.

He asserted that the first phase of the agitation of SHDDC has ended on August 31.

The Committee on Re-organisation of Administration and Police District Boundaries set up by the state government is not acceptable to the people and the SHDDC has rightly rejected it, he said.

The spokespersons further spelled out that the committee’s demand is to inaugurate Sadar Hills as a full fledged autonomous district, only under the Manipur (Hill areas) autonomous district council act, 1971 within a week.

He asserted that the SHDDC will not accept new ‘creation’ of Sadar Hills as a separate district under different law/act of the state legislature other than ‘complete implementation of Manipur (Hill Areas) Autonomous district council act, 1971 and the same time not to accept ‘new boundaries/re-organization and police boundaries in place of existing boundaries of Sadar hills administration.

The spokesperson express gratitude to all concerned for the successful enforcement of the general strike in Sadar hills. The committee also regretted the inconveniences caused to the people of Manipur during their first course of agitation.

On the other hand, the condition of the sole hunger striker in Saikul bazaar, has become worse.

Otmang Kipgen, 58, has been reportedly staging fast unto death agitation since September 1.

Dr. HT Simte, MO in charge Saikul PHC, informed a team of media persons that the condition of Otmang is deteriorating every passing hour. He said that Otmang is developing kidney problem, peptite ulcer.

The doctor further informed that Otmang is refusing oral intake and the doctors could not administer inter venous fluids due to his diabetic status. He further warned that the striker could collapse if he continues to refuse oral intake.


  1. It is a great surprise why the state Govt is somuch adamant to upgrade the Sadar Hills Autonomous District into a full fleged district. The people of this area has been deprived of development and proper administration since the last 40 years. Upgrading of ADC office to DC office wont harm anybody but will benefit the people of the area in particular and the people of Manipur in general. The neighbouring state Nagaland has recently created 3 new district and the people are benefited in all respect, then why not applicable in Manipur. The demand for a full fleged distrct by SHDDC is strongly felt to be genuine and justified. The administration should find means to remedy the peoples grievances without fear or favour.


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