POST MARK – Remembered – Keeping the flame of Metal Alive

Photo courtesy Tamo Sobhapati Samom, pioneer rock music journalist of Manipur



Imphal, 24th September: Post Mark was one of the pioneer metal bands of India. In late 80’s and early 90’s, when singing cover songs were popular in India, and when audience were not ready to appreciate original music, in a country where pop songs(leave alone hard rock) were not even heard by a large audience, Post Mark wrote their original songs and released an album ‘Stamp on you’. Post Mark was not only a thrash/ heavy metal band, but was a band that blended the Manipuri folk elements in their songs. Not compromising with the circumstances, Post Mark wrote the kind of music they loved, recorded an album, and preferred to remain as a metal band; no matter how small their audience would be, no matter how much money they would make from their album. They did not sacrifice their love for the metal genre and their craving for originality in their sound. But with the demise of their vocalist Abungcha Kshetrimayum, Post Mark has been not around in the music scene for many years.

Of late, since the news of Metallica, perhaps the biggest metal band in the world, coming to India broke; metal fans all over the country have been waiting eagerly for their October concerts in Delhi and Bangalore. But the heavy metal fans and enthusiasts of Manipur cannot forget their heroes Post Mark – the band who introduced an entire generation of Manipur to the heavier side of music. They cannot forget the hardships bore by Post Mark of being the pioneers and paved the way for all for them.

Fans of Post Mark from all over the globe pooled in money through a group called Rock Music Manipur(RMM) – a mailing list and POSTMARK fans group in Facebook, to make Post Mark attend the concert of Metallica. The surviving members of Post Mark have accepted the invitation, and they will be attending Metallica’s concert on 30th October 2011, at Bangalore.

In a press conference conducted by fans of Post Mark at Manipur Press Club today, the members of Post Mark thanked their fans. They said they have never dreamt of watching Metallica perform ‘live’ and never thought that they still have so many fans who remember them. They added that they were deeply touched by the gesture of their fans.

Post Mark’s drummer Paras Nongmaithem said that they had struggled a lot during their days, but now things have changed – there are good instruments/ gadgets, communication technology is much better, there are lots of opportunities and possibilities and they want upcoming bands to make good use of them.

POST MARK at the Press Conference at Imphal - 24th Sept

When pressmen asked them if there are chances of a reunion, they replied there is possibility.

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