Press Release: MSAD AFSPA Black Day Observation


Press Release

Dated: 11 September, 2011, New Delhi
Delhi University, Arts Faculty, Main Gate

Black Day Observation
Repeal Armed Force Special Power Act 1958 is the Way Forward.

11 days fast by Ann Hazare brought nation and its parliament to its knees while 11 year’s old hunger strike by Manipur’s Irom Shrmila has still not moved nation its people and its parliament. Irom Sharmila Chanu has completed her fast for 3640 days , 7200 hours and 100080 minutes ( 10 years , 10 months and 7 days) today ( 11/September, 2011). The most inhuman, anti -democratic black law the Armed Forces Special Powers Act -1958 has completed 53 years of its existence after India became “republic, secular, democratic, and sovereign” in 61 years. Silently away from the blares of media it is but an inconvenient truth of the so-called largest democracy of the world.11 September is the day of the year 1958 when the Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) was signed into a law by his Excellency the President of India. It is a clear black day in the history of 20th Century. It was an attack on humanity and principle of democracy and people.

Since then, without any break and judicial review, the black law has been in force in the region. Time has now come we the people to need to understand the call to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958. It is a colonel act made by the British colonel power to suppress the quite India movement in 1942. It was brought just after 9 years of India became republic in 1958. It was a shame day in post Independent India. AFSPA is a lawless law. No other part in this world of any other country around the world has similar draconian black laws of existence. AFSPA is a clear symbol of state terrorism and state racism. There is no any place of AFSPA 1958 in democratic and civilized society. In India, AFSPA completely dismantle one of the important institutions of democracy, the Judiciary. Interestingly, all the important institutions of “Indian Democracy” are united in the name of “national Interest” and taking share of exploitation and justification in their own space of power. India’s highest legislature, the Indian Parliament passed the law, the Executives, “security forces” performing execution, killing, and raping, the highest Judiciary, the Supreme Court of India justified the act and the Media does not dully inform the people about what is happening with the profit making process and out of imagination. People in India remain ignorant and maintaining silence. In the process, people who live under this act are living with all kinds of injustice and painful life. That is how this law is operating.

53 years of AFSPA -1955 is enough. We are united and extending our support to Irom Sharmila and the struggle of people in the last 53 years to repeal this Black law.

Now, the time has come this black law should go.

Repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act is the way forward to address many problems in the Disturbed area created by the Indian State Itself.


Birjurekha Samom, President, Manipur Student Assiciation Delhi, (MSAD)
Seram Rojesh, Just Peace Foundation, Coordinator Delhi (JPF)

Resolution of the black day observation

A black day observation was organized at arts faculty, Delhi University, main gate from 11am to 5pm under the initiative of Manipur Student’s Association Delhi and Just Peace Foundation. Various people from section of society are gathered in the observation. Many students and professors from Delhi University, JNU, and Jamia were also participated. Activist from people union for democratic right, All India student Association (AISA), National Alliance for People Movement have given their solidarity and support the movement against AFSPA. It was further followed by a strategy meeting to strengthen the movement against AFSPA and to create awareness about this draconian law which has been sucking the blood of humanity since last 53 year. Resolution was taken to support Irom Sharmila and to organize mass campaign and a protest demonstration on 2nd October 2011. A group of core people was formed under “Right to Life” campaign and the demand of the campaign is to repeal AFSPA.



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