Problems Of Manipur



by  P. Vannoithang Hangmi
“Manipur has only “One-Problem”: And the Problem is” No-Problem”. And that “No-Problem” is the Real-Problem of our state that breeds Hostility among us.

1. We have “No-Problem” in forming JACs and called Bandhs, General Strike, Blockades and what not; on various silly & petty issues. A day is not far; when a person will call a Bandh within his/ her locality because of quarrelling with his/her spouse.

2. Our students have “No-Problem” in practising Mass-copying during HSLC, HSC and College Exams: which crippled our educational system; leading to mass production of what I called “Handicapped-Literates” or, “Education without Spirituality”. A handicap person is not able to use his/her crippled parts of the body though it exists. In the same way, we produced many un-usable degree holders.

For educational transformation in our state, among many other things, it is desirable to have “Education with spirituality”. It is because, in my opinion:
A spirit-filled student will study better.   A spirit-filled teacher & professor will teach better. A spirit-filled nurse & doctor will treat better. A spirit-filled engineer & contractor will build better. A spirit-filled Lawyer will judge better. A spirit-filled policeman will protect the land & its people better.  A spirit-filled Administrator will administer better. A spirit-filled politician will govern better.

3. Some of our gentlemen have “No-Problem” in sitting peacefully inside the buses:

while many old men & women, pregnant mothers, and baby-carrying ladies travels by standing near them. This is a very common scene wherever you travel by buses in any part of our state. Our Sense of Etiquettes and Common Sense needs to be capacitated.
4. We have “No-Problem” in using words like “All-Manipur……”, ‘All Tribal…….” etc,                 while forming Students’ Union, or any kind of organisations:  whereas our operational and area of influence are confined to one specific area only.  The present gaps and disparities among the different communities in our state could have been avoided or lessen to some extend considerably; had our organisations with the pre-fixed “All-Manipur” been functioning and lived up to their names.

In my opinion, confining our activities only in one particular area and shouting  “CHINGTAM –AMATANI “or, MANIPUR INTEGRITY Kai-Ba-Jaroi” whenever any problems crops-up will have little impact.  My suggestions may sound funny; and you may ask me:  who are you to advice us on what we ought to do. But if we really Love Manipur & If we prefixes our organisations as  “All-Manipur” then we should work for what our name stands for.  And we need to go the Extra-Mile. We all know what can be done to create oneness & communal integrity among us.

5. We have “No-Problem” in naming our present CM as Mr. Percentage. (as mentioned in some daily newspapers). This is true for the present issue on Sadar Hills also. This time, during his first meeting with SHDDC delegates: the CM used the word percentage again: not in terms of money but in terms of population. He said “80% of the population in Sadar Hills have favoured for a District hood: but 20% opposed it”. For him, 20% has more value than the 80% population. So, he and his cabinet is applying many delay tactics or should I say “No-Sadar Hills District Hood” methods again.  Because by the end of three months……. we all know what will be the position of the present Government (i.e Election Code of Conduct).

6. We have “No- Problem” in christening ourselves as “Self-Style Landowners” of certain areas. We also have “No-Problem” in distorting the past glorious history of another community and called them with many undesirable names. God has given us this paradise-like beautiful land of Manipur. But we created boundaries and bark one another un-necessarily.
7. We have “No-Problem” in keeping pending for 40 years to upgrade a small district to the status of a full-fledged district; though it has all the criteria needed for a district.

This is shameful for the largest democratic country in the world celebrating its 65th Independence Day to take more than 40 years in not declaring a district. The issue of Sadar Hills (40 Years Demand)   can be entered in Limca Book of Record and Genius World Records.


The list can go on and this paper will not be able to contain if we write down all the “No-Problem” statement engulfing our State. Let me end with these very common seven “No-Problems”- which are the Real-Problems of Manipur. Let us change our Attitude towards one another in order to change Manipur.


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