Sadar Hills: (1971- 2011): FACTs & FIGUREs:


by P. Vannoithang Hangmi
*Justice Delayed for 40 Years is Justice Denied & Raping of Democracy.
*You can Fool Some of the People: Some of the time:
But You cannot fool All of the People:All of the Time”
40 Years of Fooling Sadar Hills’ People:
1971: The Indian Parliament passed the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act in 1971 for establishment of Autonomous District Council in the Hill Areas in the then Union Territory of Manipur.
1972:  Following the attainment of Manipur Statehood in 1972, the Government of Manipur immediately adopted this Central Act  by issuing the Manipur (Adaption of Laws) Order, 1972 and in exercise of the power vested in him under Section 3 of the Act, the then Governor of Manipur vide Notification dated 14-02-1972 initially constituted 6 (Isx) Autonomous District for the purpose of constitution of Autonomous District Council under the aforesaid Act of 1971, Namely:
(a) Manipur North ADC now Senapati ADC,                                                                                       (b) Sadar Hills ADC
(c) Manipur East ADC now Ukhrul ADC
(d) Tengnoupal ADC ADC now Chandel ADC
(e) Manipur South ADC now CCpur ADC and
(f). Manipur West ADC now Tamenglong ADC.

Except Sadar Hills, Five of the above ADCs have become full-fledged districts.
1974: The Nayal Commission recommended creation of Sadar Hills.
1982: The Congress Government headed by the then Manipur CM-Rishang Keishing made the first attempt to declare Sadar Hills as a Full-Fledged Revenue District. The then Manipur Naga Council opposed it.
1990-1991: United Front Ministry under the then Manipur CM-Mr.RK.Ranbir endeavoured to upgrade Sadar Hills to a District. But, it also failed because of downfall of United Front Ministry at the Centre.
1996: When the then CM-Rishang Keising visited Saikul , Sadar Hills East Subdivision, he promised that Sadar Hills will soon inaugurate as a Full-Fledged at the earliest possible.
*1997: When Imphal District was to be bi-furcated into Imphal East & Imphal West,  4-months old HD. Deve Gowda Govt. at the Centre, then IK-Gujaral Govt. recommended for Declaration of Sadar Hills District also. But it was a failure again.
*1998: The Govt. of Manipur led by the then CM-W.Nipamacha Singh fixed 31st March, 1999 for Declaration of Sadar Hills as Full-Fledged District.
*2000: Manipur State Government led by O.Ibobi Singh re-affirmed for Innauguration of Sadar Hills with due approval and in consultation with the Election Commission of India.
*2002:  CM-O.Ibobi Singh’s Government assured inauguration of Sadar Hills after completion of construction of Mini-Secretariat at Kangpokpi. Construction of Mini Secretariat at Kangpokpi already completed but Sadar Hills not yet declared a full-fledged district.
*2011: Demand for creation of new districts are in the offing at : Phungyar (26,457 Electors) in Ukhrul, Jiribam (25,637 Voter) in Imphal East,Tengnoupal (48,323Voter) in Chandel ,Tipaimukh(17,307 voters) in Churachandpur. These Blocks have voters below 50,000.

But Sadar Hills has more than 1-lac Voter (Saikul-35,030 Voter), Saitu (38,888 Voter) & Kangpokpi (29,691 Voters). So, Sadar has all the necessary criteria needed for a District.

Raping Of Sadar Hills:
Inspite of making Various Promises to Innaugurate Sadar Hills as Full-Fledged District during various consecutive years; the following 54 villages in Sadar Hills  were bifurcated to other assembly constituencies:
(A). Villages in  Sadar Hills East Saikul Block Included in:                                                                 
*47-Karong Constituency are  :                                                                                               
131-Phaikon, 132- Aisen Khulen, 133-Songbem, 137-Thingphai, 136- Thangjam Khullen, 138-Yangnoi, 139-I-hangkaroung (now Lhungtin), 134-Gallam, 135-Somphung,140-Denglian, Yangmol.
*6- Keirao Constituency are :
222- Phunal Maring, 223-Keiroa chingdong, 224-Lephrok Maring, 225-Sandamsemba Maring, 226- Karpur Sungba Kabui khulen,227-Lemba Khul,228-Waithou Chiru, 229-Saman Tangkhul, 230- Poirou Tangkhul, & 231- Kaprang.
*8- Lamlai  Constituency are:
200-Tombihangbok & (a)-Heinoupokpi,201- Thayong, 202- Ayokpa Kabui, 203- Nungkot Kom, 204-Nungkot khuman, Cha   205- Nongmai ching, 206-Nongmaipal, 207-Nongmaiching Khong, 208-Khalong- Chingthek,209- Luwang Pukhri & 210- Uran chiru.
*30- Lilong Constituency: 220- Chingkham kabui village.=1 Village.
*32-Wangkhent   Constituency : 221-Chaobuk Kabui & 232-Lisam Lok village.
*33-Heirok Constituency : 237-Saram Tangkhul & 238 A-Kwarok Maring village.=
*20- Langthabal Constituency:  212- Langthabal Chingthak, & 213-Langthabal Chingkha.

(B). Villages in Sadar Hills West Subdivision included:                                                                       * 25-Oinam Constituency: 217-Chingkha oinam Kabui village.
* 49- Tadubi Constituency :13- Leikot,14-Phailenkot,19-Songtun,23-Taphou-Kuki,                                  25-Changoubung-North,26-Changoubung-South,34-Lungphou,33-Maohing,36-Turibari, 31-Thongjang Akutpa,32-Thongjang Atongba,27-Tuyang Waichong,28-Gelnel, 29-Kotlen,30-Songuang Pakang, 37-Selsi, 38-Chalwa,39- Gelbung.                         
* 09- Thangmeiband Constituency:214- Tharon & 215 Langol Tarung village.
*24- Nambol Constituency: 216-Phoijng Tongba & 218- Maibam Lokpaching village.

The above mentioned 54 villages were originally included in the boundaries as defined by the Indian Parliament Act of 1971.

Enough Re-mapping has been done on Sadar Hills during the last 40 years. It does not need any such re-mapping.
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2. Manipur Gazettes:
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