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Sangaikot TD Block KWU and KSO visit Sadar Hills people

KANGPOKPI, Sept.19: Sangaikot TD Block Kuki Women Union visit Sadar Hills people today with some relief materials like rice etc. including Rs. 5,000 in cash.

The president of Kuki Women Union, Sangaikot TD Block said while speaking at a small meeting held with the Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee that, the womenfolk of Sangaikot TD Block always remember the people of Sadar Hills in their prayer. Since the demand of a separate Sadar Hills district, people have been acknowledged worldwide as a genuine demand, the almighty God will surely help fulfill their demand without delay said Lamkhochin Kipgen, president of KWU, Sangaikot TD Block.

She also encourage the leaders of SHDDC to work faithfully for the welfare of the peoples of Sadar Hills while the womenfolk of Sangaikot TD block is always ready to lend a helping hand in the coming future.

The Relief Committee chairman of SHDDC Helien Chongloi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Kuki Women Union of Sangaikot TD Block for their humble donation for the people of Sadar Hills and their endless support.

The visiting team alongwith the SHDDC leaders and some local womenfolk leaders held a Mass prayer.

On the other hand, the ongoing economic blockade is in full swing in NH-2. The womenfolk of Kangpokpi, Keithelmanbi, Bimparao, Sapormeina and gamgiphai even attend night duty at their respective duty post and spend the whole night to check whether vehicles who have been passing the highway at night were transporting any items which are against the blockade.



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