Sardar Hills Issue Peopling & Role of leaders


by RS Jassal
Many have given their views over genealogy creation of Sadar Hills including one new version by Lt.Col. Rajender Singh Retd that it stands for Special Area Development Region by Mr. Maxwell. However if you scan the development done there is hardly any evidence traceable. After careful study of some history books, articles and assessments from ground realties it stands:

Pertinent Realties
(a) How Pettigrew was settled at Mission Compound Kangpokpi after his initial stay at Ukhrul objected to by the then locals at Ukhrul.
(b) First ever cantonment of 129  houses belonging to Kuki’s was established at Keithelmanbi Chief of Keitheilmanbi  who happens to have retired from Assam Regt is holding documents with him.
(c) Maharaja Bodhchandra Singh’s wife Princess Ishwari Devi brought 200 retinue of Gorkhas with her as part of royal send off. Bulk of them were settled at Irangpat I & Irangpat II. This location extends Kalapahar – IT road to Chhalwa hills on IT road short of Tamei.
(d) There are three to four houses belonging to Bhutia’s also settled on IT road & about 40 to 60  Buddhist were settled around  in Moreh/Tamu, perhaps all with proper agreement of the Regent Maharaja and Communities  having permanent  controls over their lands.
(e) Yangangpokpi to Litan – New Heaven are having a good number of Kuki villages & Nepali dwellings intermittently staying, together. Interestingly , Litan, Sawungmong (Tumionpokpi)  on Kangpokpi- Hengbung road, Mayangthana, Mayang Naga on same road & Chiru Kangchup with Chiroi Humdangba are mixed population – Naga on one side & Kuki  on the other in West on Silchar road indicate – close , agreed settlements since past  century or above. To Saikul in East & areas where these settlements are, appear to have been lying vacant at some stage or the other. This buffer zone for fears from either side valley/hills might have dictated to remain unoccupied. So Regent/Maharaja created Sadar areas like elsewhere in India – Delhi Sadar,Jallandar Sadar, Lucknow Sadar-, Benares Sadar & so on meaning by areas closer to main HQ were writ  of the Britishers prevailed and  in Sadars  Hills  settlements desired by them  invited no problems: Please give analystic thought to it.

Present Status:
Population wise it meets all the requirements for a revenue district ADC office with enhanced powers is functional. People representing all the communities are staying amicably and without   problems except with Damocles’ sword hanging over heads of Kuki’s and milestone of past hanging on the neck of Nagas both for treatment beyond their control since ailment is reality.

Govt. of India & Manipur are trying hard to find out solution without hurting any community(s) psyche. Many moderate Nagas also wish that district can be created but with mutual discussions & understanding. It is also a fact even if district is not declared; its functioning will not diminish in value & content. The present day population cannot be evicted, since areas were never measured from revenue point of view.  It will be a Herculean task to decide on boundaries in a perfect manner. Nagas say boundaries first, Kuki’s say District first. Government does not desire to disappoint any community. PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh says at no cost any community be put against other for narrow political ends. Both sides are governed not by conscience BUT by people with guns behind which is dangerous.

Suggested Solution
All communities must respect the wisdom of Hon’ble Chief Minister and regard the Chief Secretary as a representation of godly court to decide on the boundaries of this would be extant district where weight age be  given to the ‘district of the people’ and  not ‘district of ethnics’.

Kuki sticking to economic blockade conveys the ethnic colour when we talk of having a district of the people. So in all fairness, economic blockade must be called off. Full use of 90 days for the Chief Secretary to submit report be made, with liberalism, so that concerned Naga, Kuki and Gorkhas can move out to the Secretariat for submitting their views and documents freely and frankly.

Need of the hour:
No body should issue any inflammatory statement to vitiate the atmosphere. The more we delay, the more loss of developmental hours for the economic uplifment of ‘common man’ Let this solution prove that leaders once determine to solve a problem are really capable of doing so when moving in real earnest.


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