SHDDC sees re-organization committee as potential threat


A man holding black flag at Kangpokpi on the eve of “Black Day” to be observed by various organizations of Kuki tribe on Tuesday.
IMPHAL, Sept 12: The Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC) has today submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh objecting the “Committee on Re-Organization of Administrative and Police District Boundaries” besides implicating political ramification between communities.

The memorandum reiterated the political decision and administrative and developmental rights have been unduly denied to the Sadar Hills people citing ‘Manipur (Hill Areas) Autonomous District Council Act 1971, (Parliament Act No. 76 of 1971, 26 December 1971). It further asserted that the people of Sadar Hills have every right to unflinchingly ask in all forms the State Government to do the needful.

The existence of political doldrums with the people of Sadar Hills for the last 39 years in the hands of successive State Government of Manipur could not be now handled in the manner the current government is trying to haphazardly adopt adding it observed that the issue could have easily been solved as a developmental matter has already been politicized thereby paving way for unsolicited political bargaining from all interested groups in the State.

It further held that to prolong such unreasonable situation will tantamount to chaotic political situation and disintegration of our unity besides inviting unsatisfactory political situations, especially in the Hill Areas, and that the State is being besotted with could only be either put to rest or left in the hand of the Government should the Sadar Hills be inaugurated as a full-fledged Autonomous District immediately.

The SHDDC further hinted that the political interests espoused by the different communities of the State will erupt to an unhealthy political condition if the so called ‘Committee on Re-Organization of Administrative and Police District Boundaries’ and its report is to be implemented. It may be an advantage for those who does not subscribe to District-hood of Sadar Hills but its ramification may rather be at the disadvantage of the larger interest of the State.

“It is not desirable to have it as a cementing force between age-old political competitors in the Hill Areas of the State. There is no question of SHDDC or the people of Sadar Hills accepting Re-organization of Sadar Hills Boundaries under any circumstances but stand with the decisions or adjustment or order already taken or issued by previous State Governments; and no further move to balkanize Sadar Hills will be tolerated” it asserted.

It warned that if justice in respect of District-hood of Sadar Hills is not done within a month from submission the memo the committee will be left with no room for further tolerance.


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