Tamenglong feels economic blockade heat


From Daniel Kamei
TAMENGLONG, September 23: The prolonged economic blockade and counter blockade has severely affected the people here in Tamenglong.

After the series of bandh and general strike imposed in the state, the economic blockade and counter blockade has led to price hike and along with scarcity of essential commodities have hits the common people like a two edge sword.

In an exclusive survey it is revealed that no super fine rice was found, if it is available it has rise from Rs 12 per kg to Rs 18 per kg which is eaten by majority of the Tamenglong public.

Now the only rice available in the district HQ is only Permal for Rs 1300 per 50 kg bag and the poor people have force to buy the high price rice.

The cost of potatoes has been rise from Rs 15 to Rs 25 per kg, cost of onion is Rs 40 per kg, Mosari dal cost Rs 60 and egg one plate cost Rs. 130.

Since the economic blockade imposed by Sadar Hills District Demand Committee on NH 53 and 39 no Kerosene (SK) oil has arrived, the poor people has to candle for light, charcoal for cooking to replace LPG.

One loaded LPG truck has come once since the economic blockade. All kerosene dealers’ shops were all shutdown due to non availability at the pump.

Charcoal business is the best business during this prolonged economic blockade. Now almost all charcoal shops are empty and shops are lying vacant.

It is also worth mentioning here that no petrol and diesel are available in the open market. However petrol are found in black market for Rs 120 per litre. Petrol and diesel come twice during the blockade.

The public of Tamenglong wish if the government could provide security to trucks and passenger bus coming from Imphal to Tamenglong as it is giving to trucks carrying supplies from Jiribam to Imphal.


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