The Voice of Dissent


By: Maisnam Chanu Liklainu

Liu Xiaobo ,the Nobel Peace Prize winner is one of the dissidents languishing in the Chinese jail. He was never afraid to disagree with the military might of the Chinese Communique. The voice of dissent is the most potent force.Its not easy to be different amongst those who are out to crush you.

Many a dissidents serving life sentences in this part of the globe. Their voices are crushed many a times .They have to pay the price for being outspoken. Either you are thrown in the dungeon or either you have to meet an untimely death. Its a risky proposition… They have the guts to be different, to be critical and to be objective .  They have to take risk for being different…. They are sceptical,they love to question the authority even at the risk of their lives… They are the ones who do what other people dream of. They never do the predictable. They are instinstive and compulsive questioning the authority….They give a hard time to the authority….

Its time we have more spunky people to take on the powers that be…

Be it the government or the parallel government….

Lets not be homogeneous in our thinking….

Conformity will kill us….

Lets take risk…

Lets not be afraid to disagree….

We surely want a vibrant society…….

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